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[Event] 56th Commission on the Status of Women(CSW)


~1 year after 3.11~

Situation of Rural Women

affected by the Great Japan Earthquake 

and Nuclear Power Plant Accident


   Speaker : Ms. Chiaki Tomitsuka and Ms. Yoshiko Fukagawa from Fukushima

                  Ms. Kazuko Ito ( Human Rights Now )

                  Ms. Yoiko Ando( Japan Federation of Bar Associations )

                  Ms. Kate Burns 

                 (OIC for Policy Development and Studies Branch, Senior Policy Officer 

                  - Gender Equality Policy Development and Studies Branch, 

                  UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs )

   Venue   : 2nd Floor, UN Church Center Building

   Time     : 2:30pm to 4:00pm on 7th March 2012 (Wed)

On 11 March 2011, the earthquake and tsunami, which occurred in Eastern Japan, caused tremendous damage and resulted in numerous deaths. Furthermore, more residents in broader areas of Eastern Japan have been seriously affected by the accidents at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants. To date, living condition of affected people are quite poor and protection of fundamental human rights of affected people are not fully guaranteed. After the nuclear disaster, considerable amount of radioactive materials was released in widespread areas of North East Japan most of which are rural areas, and this creates serious risks to the health of the population.

Lack of protective measure such as support for evacuation and reparation for the people living in contaminated areas, free and swift medical check, providing clean foods and water by the government, causes serious risk of people's right to life, right to health, right to livelihood. In particular expecting mothers, infants, children are the most vulnerable to harm from radiation. 

This session will present the situation of rural women affected by the disaster, and discuss challenges including protection of affected women and their families from the ongoing nuclear crisis.

Sponsored by Human Rights Now & Japan Federation of Bar Associations