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Human Rights Now is an international human rights NGO based in Tokyo, Japan and its members comprise over 700 individuals and organizations, including lawyers, scholars, journalists, law firms, former UN official, retired Japanese Supreme Court Justices, and activists. Human Rights Now works for promotion and protection of human rights for people in the world, with a special focus on Asia.

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Upper house reveals the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques”: The Obama administration should investigate and prosecute the former personnel who involved in the reported grave human rights violations

In December 2014, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence of the United States released an executive summary on the Central Intelligence Agency’s “Detention and Interrogation program”, revealing the CIA’s numerous brutal tortures clearly against the international law practiced after 9/11. Although the media has brought up the CIA’s secret detention and interrogation before, it is the first time ever for a part of the Senate’s report to be made public.


呼吁 释 放中国人 权 律 师 浦志 强 的声明

总部设于日本东京的 Human Rights Now(国际人权 NGO)对中国著名人权律师浦志强 被长期关押表示深切的遗憾,并希望浦律师能够早日得到释放,呼吁中国保障言论自由。 2014 年 5 月,六四事件 25 周年的 6 月 4 日前夕,中国著名人权律师浦志强等十几名中国著名知识分子,在北京市内的住宅区内召开研讨会,讨论如如何避免六四事件类似的悲剧。但是,在研讨会召开的次日,浦律师等参加会议的 5 位知识份子被警察以寻衅滋事的罪名带走。


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