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Video: Japanese Government (Mr. Takashi Okada) Appears Before UNHRC

Japanese Government's Response

As the 23rd session of the Human Rights Council continues, the Japanese government had a chance to respond to comments and recommendations made by the United Nations Special Rapporteur after the presentation of his report about Fukushima, to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Their representative, Ambassador Mr Takeshi Okada, reiterated the commitment of the Japanese government to recognizing the importance of health management for Fukushima residents after the nuclear accident. He also questioned instances in which he claims the Japanese governments "explanations are not accurately reflected".

A video of the Japanese government's report to the UNHRC, is available to watch online at the link below.

The report starts at chapter 5 (00:48:03). 

The Government is responding to Special Rapporteur Anand Grover's report which is available here.