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[Report]Human Rights Now Visits Temporary Housing Area for Earthquake Victims

Kazuko Ito, Secretary General of Human Rights Now visited the Great East Japan Earthquake victims in temporary housing areas along with representative Kazuko Koori (Ministry of Internal Affairs officer), Tomiko Okada (Democratic Party of Japan Vice President), and Azuma Konno (Democratic Party of Japan) on June 16.

The three representatives, who showed deep concerns about the rights of the earthquake/tsunami victims after reading the research conducted by HRN earlier this year, observed the temporary housings in the critical areas including the ones located in Kesennuma in Miyagi prefecture. The group visited the housings constructed on unstable grounds, and sat down with the victims who are impelled to live in poor living conditions - often in a house with no insulation- receiving no assistance from the local and national government, in order to extend their understanding of the current challenges that the disaster-affected areas are facing in the aftermath.

"I heard a rumor that the city government is not going to provide us with financial assistance. We're running out of money. How are we supposed to support ourselves?" One of the victims showed frustration with the lack of information and clear vision about their.

This visit revealed that the assistance scheme adapted by the national government is hardly followed by the local government bodies, threatening the victims' basic human rights which are granted by the Constitution Article 25. HRN will keep our continuous work to ensure that the national government will provide adequate care to the disaster victims and ensure their healthy living.

Human Rights Now Visits Temporary Housing Area for Earthquake Victims