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[Event] Documents on the UN Training Seminars on 22nd and 23rd July are now available online

HRN invited two experts from the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and held seminars in Tokyo and Iwate on 22nd and 23rd July. A number of people including those engaged in relief efforts attended it and they completed the visit successfully.

Also, the UN experts conducted activities such as dialogues with NGOs and meetings with Diet Members in Tokyo and Iwate. HRN highly appreciates your participation and cooperation.


Upon the strong request of the participants, handouts and presentation documents of the seminar are now available here. HRN hopes the participants and others who could not joined in the seminar will refer the materials.

HRN will continue working hard on various activities to protect human rights, based on the international standards, of people affected by the earthquake and the nuclear power plant accidents.

[Presentation Documents]

Protection_in _Emergency.pdf


Treaty Bodies' Recommendations and Conclusions on Nuclear Plant Incidents.pdf


IASC Operational Guidelines on the Protection of Persons in Situations of Natural Disasters

[Relevant Documents]

Inter-agency Guiding Principles on UNACCOMPANIED and SEPARATED CHILDREN