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Video: HRN Presents at UNHRC Requesting Japanese Government Follow Special Rapporteur's Recommendations

Kazuko Ito, Secretary General of Human Rights Now, spoke publicly in support of recommendations in United Nations Special Rapporteur, Anand Grover's report on continuing issues pertaining to citizens' right to health in Japan, following the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

She spoke as part of the United Nations Human Rights Council's Interactive Dialogue initiative, and you can listen to her comments by watching the full video of the presentation which is available to watch online here.

Human Rights Now's report can be found at chapter 55 (02:58:49). Peace Boat's Meredith Joyce presents at chapter 57 (03:04:05) and Special Rapporteur Grover makes a continuing statement at chapter 59 (03:07:57).

Human Rights Now has also released a companion statement to Special Rapporteur Grover's report which can be read in full here.

Video of Presentation at UNHRC

Full Transcript of HRN's Oral Statement at UNHRC. PDF.