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[Statement]Statement on gross human rights violation in Libya

【Statement on gross human rights violation in Libya】
Human Rights Now(HRN), a Tokyo based international human rights NGO
expresses grave concern on gross and systematic violations of human
rights in Libya.

Numerous credible sources report that Libyan  Government lead by
Colonel Muammar Al-Qadhafi continues indiscriminate and deadly attacks
and use of lethal weapons against peaceful protestors. According to
the UN, it is estimated more than 1000 civilian have been killed by
Libyan state authorities and many credible report supports the

HRN strongly condemned these gross human rights violations and urge
top leaders of Libya immediately end these human rights violations.

HRN recognizes that the Security Council immediate responded to the

situation. On 26th February, the Council unanimously adopted the
resolution on  including armed embargo against Libya, targeted
sanction measure such as the freezing of financial asset and travel
ban against the top leaders in Libya, and the referral of the
situation in Libya to the International Criminal Court.

HRN requests ICC prosecutor to commence without delay its
investigation for the international crime, in particular crimes
against humanity in Libya.

The Human Rights Council also adopted the resolution S-15/L1, by consensus
without a vote, and  the resolution  calls to dispatch an independent,
international commission of inquiry to Libya to investigate all
alleged violations of international human rights law in the country.
The efforts to investigate the human rights violations shall be
concerted  and reinforced each other in order to discharge respective
mandates despite the deteriorating  situation.

HRN also requests, with human rights NGOs across the world, the
General Assembly to adopt a resolution suspending Libya's membership
rights in the Human Rights Council immediately in accordance with the
GA Resolution 60/251.

Lastly, HRN stresses that all governments which encounter peaceful
protest within their jurisdictions must prevent themselves from use of
violence and other repressive measure against civilians, and respect
freedom of expression, assembly and associations of civilians.