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[Report] HRN announced a proposal for the Israeli-Palestine Conflict

Human Rights Now announced a proposal for the Israeli-Palestine conflict to promote peace in the conflict based on justice for victims of human rights abuses on 8 February 2010. 

During the conflict, various international law, especially international human rights and humanitarian law, have been violated. The history of the conflict can be seen as one of those violations. Illegal occupations and attacks have been repeated and people have been deprived of their lives as well as the basis for their living for decades.

Human Rights Now, therefore, believes that peace process has to be carried out in accordance with international law and based on restoration and respect of human rights of all citizens oppressed by the occupations. Sustainable peace in the region will not be achieved unless faits accomplis in disregard for violations of international law are disaffirmed and accountabilities for those violations are ensured.

Please download the proposal from below ( The proposal is available only in Japanese. English version will be uploaded shortly):