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[Statement] Protection of fundamental human rights of people affected by the recent natural disaster in Japan

On 11 March, the earthquake and tsunami, which occurred in Eastern Japan, caused tremendous damage and resulted in numerous deaths. Furthermore, more residents in broader areas of Eastern Japan have been seriously affected by the accidents at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants. HRN wishes to express its heartfelt sympathies to all the affected people and condolences for all the victims and their families.


HRN announced an urgent policy proposal to the Japanese government on the protection of fundamental human rights for all the affected people. HRN recommends that the Japanese government guarantee the fundamental human rights of those people in the course of rescue, evacuation, restoration and reconstruction, in accordance with the Constitution of Japan, law on disasters and international human rights law when coping with situation after the earthquake and tsunami. HRN will monitor the human rights situations of those people, particularly the most vulnerable people, and highlight issues in relief and reconstruction policies of the government from a human rights perspective.


Proposal to the Japanese Government (PDF)