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[Report] Proposal on the Foreign Ministry's Aid programs for Cambodia

On 20 June 2007, Human Rights Now published a proposal on the Foreign Ministry's aid program for Cambodia, calling for the Japanese government to request the Cambodian government to protect and promote human rights of people in Cambodia through the development aids and their implementations. 

Kazuko Ito, a Secretary General of Human Rights Now, attended the Consultative Group Meeting on Cambodia, on 19 June, and stated that " The Cambodian government promised to establish the rule of law, guarantee human rights and achieve good governance many times in response to receipt of Japan's aid programs. However, only few of them have been achieved so far and, consequently, people in Cambodia have made large sacrifice. The Japan government, as a biggest donor to Cambodia, should take responsibilities for calling for the Cambodia government to promote and guarantee human rights."

The proposal incudes recommendations such as investigation and publication of human rights situations in Cambodia, reflection of the investigation in aid programs, adoption of rights based approach to development, prevention of human rights violations by Japan's ODA, and accountability for aid programs. Also, other recommendations about the free and fair election system, the independent and fair judicial system, eradication of corruption and realization of transitional justice are included in the proposal. 

Please find the proposal from below (available only in Japanese):

Press release for the proposal (available only in Japanese):