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[Report] Report on the Violence Against Women in Cambodia

Human Rights Now (herinafter, HRN) conducted a survey on violence against women in Cambodia in March 2010 under the 'Violence against Women Project'. The survey was carried out after the adoption of the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence and the Protection of Victims (hereinafter 'DV Law') at the National Assembly of Cambodia in October 2005, focusing on the situation of domestic violence.

Cambodia ratified the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1992, and the government is, therefore, obliged to protect women from violence and discrimination. Domestic violence, however, continues to be a serious problem in Cambodian society. When the DV Law was passed in 2005, it was expected that the Cambodian government, courts, and NGOs would endeavor to prevent and protect women from ill-treatment.

Although five years have passed since the introduction of the DV Law, this law is yet to be widely used to provide enough protection for women. It has not been fully enforced. The judiciary who is responsible for the enforcement of the law and women themselves do not completely understand the law. As a result, the legal system is not able to prevent domestic violence and provide adequate protection.

In this research, we investigated the actual situation of domestic violence and how the DV Law has been utilised to prevent it. Where the Law is not functioning properly, the reasons and the solutions were also explored.

This report includes various recommendations to the government, law enforcement, court, police and development actors and donors.