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[Report] Commentary on Cambodia Anti-Trafficking Law

Human Rights Now (HRN) is looking forward to correct application of the Cambodian Anti-Trafficking Law; therefore, we drafted and published the commentary on Cambodia Anti-Trafficking Law, and submitted it to the related party in Cambodia.


In Cambodia, the trafficking of women and children has been a serious concerned problem.


HRN conducted local investigation and interviewed local NGOs. Even though the Anti-Trafficking Law was decided to be enacted in last February, we are still looking forward to seeing this particular law can be completely practiced to rescue victims in reality and to prevent further happenings.


Therefore, through a long discussion, HRN drew proposal of commentary which was necessary for the appropriate implementation of this particular law. We announced and delivered this commentary to local related parties who are working with these kinds of issues. 


In order to help the eradication of trafficking problems, HRN will keep devoting our effort to the concerned areas.


Please download the commentary from blow;

Commentary on Cambodia Anti-Trafficking Law by HRN.pdf