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[Report] Human rights situation and the path to democracy in Myanmar; HRN fact-finding mission in February 2008

Human Rights Now published a report of a HRN fact-finding mission on the borders of Myanmar and Thailand on 11 April 2008. 

Human Rights Now dispatched the fact-finding mission to Mae Sot, a Thai town on the borders, to investigate human rights violations during and after the Saffron Revolution in September 2007, a surge of monk-led democracy drive oppressed by the SPDC, a Myanmar military regime.

The fact-finding mission conducted interviews with more than a dozen of monks and citizens who joined in the movement. Those people were forced to evacuate from Myanmar due to danger of arrest by the security authority of the military regime on suspicion of their participations of the revolution. 

The HRN mission also approached members of pro-democracy movements and investigated the content of the new 2008 constitution published by the SPDC and the situations for a general election based on the constitution. 

Please download the report from below; (The report is available only in Japanese. English version will be uploaded shortly.)