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[News] Myanmar's Law School for the Future Re-opened at last!

1 March 2009


Here's one piece of happy news,
Human Rights Now (NPO) has been working on the enhancement of respect for human rights and democratization in Myanmar. Supporting "Peace Law Academy" to enable it to resume its activities was element of this strategy, and thanks to donations from all of you in Japan, the Peace Law Academy is back in action.
Peace Law Academy, dubbed a 'law school for the future' is located in Mae Sot, between Thailand and Myanmar, and teaches human rights and law to Myanmar minority youth. This school has been closed for more than a year for many reasons, but finally we could achieve its re-opening.
We recently learned that Peace Law Academy has a group of new students and was able to hold an entrance ceremony on February 12th, 2009. Human Rights Now launched a fund, entitled "Lawyer for the Future", to support the re-opening of Peace Law Academy, and as the school has finally restarted its operations, we were able to send them the funds, and received numerous messages of thanks.
Human Rights Now will continue its support to Peace Law Academy by
1. continuing to support curriculums
2. dispatching instructors to the school, and
3. providing an online course via the Internet.
It has been and will continue to be a hard road to achieve freedom in Myanmar, but we will keep on scattering the seeds of human rights in individual young people's minds for it is they who will shoulder the responsibility of the future of their country. We will keep working on this education project with lawyers in Myanmar who hope for democraticzation in the country.
HRN will continue fund-raising for "Lawyers for the Future", and we look forward to your support from the heart.
Thank you.