Universal Children’s Day Charity Walk 2019 (Nov. 30, Saturday)

November 20th is the day the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the United Nations, which was made to protect the human rights of children around the world. However, since then many children in the world and in Japan continue to suffer violations of their rights. We want to change this situation.

We are holding a Charity Walk to provide an opportunity for everyone to think about children’s rights. With everyone’s participation, this project will succeed in sending a strong message to society that ‘Children must be valued!’

Our Japanese site for the Charity Walk is available here.

Please apply through our Peatix page.

==== Event Information ====

Date: 30 November 2019 (Sat.)


9:45 reception desk opens

10:15 opening ceremony

10:30 start of walk

12:00 goal

12:30 end

Place: Sacred Heart Global Plaza (Building No.4) of University of the Sacred Heart in Hiroo [MAP]

Entry Fees:

  • Adults 3,500 yen
  • University students 2,500 yen
  • Jr. & High school students 1,500 yen
  • Elementary School Students Free

Application Deadline: 24 November 2019 (Sun.)

How to Apply: Please apply through our Peatix page.


  • Please read the application terms before entry (written below).
  • Children of elementary school age and below must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Participating parents accompanying preschool children should apply directly to our office.
  • Money raised will be used for efforts to protect children’s rights worldwide.

Every participant gets a participation prize!

Description of the Course

A. Sacred Heart Global Plaza: Reception & Opening Ceremony

B. Near the Embassy of Switzerland (planned)

C. Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here you can learn about the history of the conflict in the 1990s and the great efforts made for peace.

D. Embassy of Norway. Here you can learn about the long and positive relationship between Norway and Japan.

E. Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park. Here you can enjoy walking around.

F. Around the Embassy of Germany & its fabulous wall art.

G. EU delegation to Japan (planned)

H. By Japan Red Cross Hospital

I. Back to Sacred Heart University: Goal!

Application Terms

Please read the terms well if you are participating.

  1. Participants should take care for health matters and watch for traffic themselves. If an accident occurs, the organizers will not bear responsibility except for the provision of first aid treatment. Children which are elementary-school aged or younger must be accompanied by a guardian to ensure their safety from traffic, etc.
  2. The entry cannot be cancelled after application.
  3. If there is an occurrence such as an earthquake, wind and flood damage, major accident, etc., in which the event must be canceled, or if a participant has made excess/duplicate payment, we cannot refund the participation fee.
  4. For videos, photos, articles, recordings, etc., of and in the course of the event for TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc., post rights (i.e., rights to post such media) belong to the organizers.
  5. Sports Entry, Run Net, Peatix, and Human Rights Now will acquire applicants’ personal information. This personal information acquired from the application will only be used for management of this event as well as to promote up-coming and future events.


  1. The event will continue even in case of rainy weather.
  2. Please be sure to take home your garbage.
  3. In case you do not follow the organizers’ instructions, you may have your participation in the event canceled.
  4. Please pay sufficient attention to other participants to look out for accidents, etc., while running or walking,

Human Rights Now

phone: 03-6228-1528

Event Email: child.campaign@hrn.or.jp

Business Hours: 10am – 7pm