Mission & Pledge

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  1. Contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights worldwide, with a special focus on Asian countries;
  2. Contribute to the development of international human rights standards and norms through the UN and other international institutions;
  3. Promote the incorporation of international human rights standards within the domestic framework of Japan.

In particular, we seek to make a concerted effort to improve the human rights situation in the Asian region. We spare no effort in making a positive difference by highlighting the human rights situation and enabling victims of rights violations to have their voices heard, and we welcome close cooperation with international and grassroots NGOs around the world to achieve these goals.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is to:
1. Work to maximize the possibilities for international human rights law as a means to achieve social justice;
2. Seek the most effective and constructive way to resolve human rights problems through cooperation with local civil society and by valuing their opinions, recognizing that human rights are for people who sincerely want them;
3. Endeavour to ensure that international human rights processes be truly fair and directed towards the people on the ground by acknowledging how disproportionate political and economical structures in international society have had a negative impact on achieving human rights, especially in developing countries;
4. Pursue the resolution of human rights problems through dialogue, and consistently warn against the use of force, which causes significant impairment to the achievement of human rights;
5. Make efforts to build a truly peaceful world with the realization of human rights at its center, in cooperation with other CSOs involved in various sectors, including conflict resolution and poverty reduction and elimination.