Monthly Support Program

Want to take the first step to improve human rights issues, especially those against women and children? Become a monthly supporter!


Our monthly support program is a fixed donation each month (¥1,000, ¥3,000, ¥5,000) through an automatic direct debit transfer to support Human Rights Now.

Registering as a monthly supporter allows you to help contribute to ending human rights abuses around the world.

By receiving your support, Human Rights Now will be able to respond to human rights abuses more quickly, listen to more victims’ voices, and have an even larger impact on the world.

Want to take the first step to improve human rights issues? Why not become a monthly supporter? We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and support.

Supporters have the following privileges

  • Newsletters
    We will deliver a newsletter twice a year to inform you of what we have done to change the human rights situation around the world (Japanese only), as well as provide access to our member’s website where you can access and read our past newsletters.
  • Events and social gatherings
    You can participate in events and social gatherings exclusive to our monthly supporters and Human Rights Now members.
  • Video archive
    You can watch the videos of events, symposiums and local investigations on our archive website.

Become a supporter

Credit Card Payment

  • The dates of withdrawal are as follows
    For the first time: the date you become a supporter
    From the second time: the 1st day of each month