HRN Makes Oral Statement on China and Hong Kong at the 54th Human Rights Council Protesting Extraterritorial Measures Supporting Arbitrary Arrests

HRN has made an oral statement at the 54th Human Rights Council in Geneva protesting extrajudicial prompting for arbitrary arrests by China and Hong Kong authorities, including the arbitrary arrest of China dissident Lu Siwei in Laos and the bounty set by Hong Kong authorities on the Hong Kong 8, who live overseas. We call on the international community to pass measures to help prevent states from extraterritorial measures supporting arbitrary arrests.

A transcript of the statement is below the video.

Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

Human Rights Now is deeply concerned about governments prompting other states or overseas actors to arbitrarily arrest or disappear persons in their jurisdiction to hand them over.

In July, the Chinese human rights lawyer Lu Siwei was arbitrarily detained in Laos and deprived of his rights to judicial due process; and he was reportedly deported to China recently. This is the twenty-second time a Chinese dissident was arrested or disappeared in Southeast Asia in recent years, and the sixth time in Laos.

We call on the government of China to release Lu Siwei, for Hong Kong authorities to withdraw the bounty for the Hong Kong 8 and stop harassing their family members in Hong Kong, and for the international community to take measures to help prevent governments from prompting extraterritorial arbitrary arrests, detentions, disappearances, and abductions.

Thank you.