HRN Makes Oral Statement on Hong Kong at the Human Rights Council 46th Session

On 16 March 2021, HRN had an oral statement on Hong Kong aired at the 46th Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva protesting the arbitrary arrests made under Hong Kong’s National Security Law and its new electoral reforms which dilute and bar pro-democracy legislators. The international community should make all appropriate efforts to ensure Hong Kong’s laws respect human rights.

The text of the statement is at the bottom of this page and available from the following link in pdf format: HRN_Hong_Kong_HRC46_OS_Transcript.pdf

The video can be seen on the UN’s website for official video streams from the following link at the time stamp of 03:16:44.

Just our statement by itself (with hardcoded subtitles) can be viewed below.

Human Rights Council 46th Session, 11 March 2021
Item 4: General Debate
Speaker: RANGTA, Malvika

Transcript of Oral Statement on Hong Kong

Thank you, Madam President.

This month has seen the 100th arrest in Hong Kong under the National Security Law, including 55 opposition candidates and supporters arrested in January for their political activities. Unfair procedures have also been alleged, such as not providing accused persons adequate time and facilities to prepare for their defense.

It has been reported that only one arrest under the law involved an allegation of violence and that more than four-fifths were accused of participating in what should be protected political activities, such as displaying banners, posting support on social media, and organizing activities for legislative seats. These arrests unambiguously demonstrate the law’s incompatibility with the UDHR and ICCPR.

China’s National People’s Congress is also currently passing some drastic changes to Hong Kong’s electoral system which will greatly dilute and replace pro-democracy Legislative Council members and give the Election Committee powers to vet candidates for their “patriotism”, effectively barring pro-democracy candidates. These changes are inconsistent with international standards for democratic elections and a significant step backwards from the Basic Law’s aim of “universal suffrage” and “high degree of autonomy”. They may also facilitate new laws further cracking down on civil and political rights.

Human Rights Now appeals to the international community to make all efforts to prevent grave breaches of human rights in Hong Kong and to see that its Basic Law and international obligations are respected.

Thank you.