Easy English Discussion Course on Human Rights

Human Rights Now, a Tokyo-based international human rights NGO, will hold a course of easy English discussion sessions called “Let’s learn about Human Rights Issues in English!” like we have held in previous years. It’s designed for people learning English and wanting to practice their English discussion on topics of human rights.

In addition to an introduction to the basic human rights mechanisms of the United Nations, this year’s course will cover contemporary topics such as hate speech so that both beginners and people who have participated in earlier sessions this year can fully enjoy this year’s edition.

We are looking forward to your participation!


*As the number of participants is limited, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.


■Let’s learn about human rights issues in English!


The purpose of this project is not only to improve your English skills, but also to learn about international human rights issues through English materials and try to learn and discuss about human rights violations happening right now in the world. This is why, apart from the basic functioning of the United Nations and international human rights law, the course will for example let you learn about the current situation of human rights violations in the countries where they occur, as well as sometimes address those issues from the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

This course is aimed at people wanting to learn how to express their opinions in English, as well as people interested in human rights issues wanting to learn the fundamentals of English in order to deepen their knowledge of the field, but also to anyone wanting to improve their English skills generally.

Every lesson is taught by a native-speaker.

One of the teachers, Christopher Cade Mosley (going by Cade), is a staff member of HRN and a New York State Attorney. He previously worked in the field of environmental law and international human rights law, and he has taught international human rights to Myanmar law students.

Everyone, from students to workers with a basic understanding of English is welcome. We are looking forward to your participation!

Please find further information below:

Date/time and location

Conference Room 8F Creative One Akihabara
Bldg., 5-3- 4 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005

Lessons content and schedule


①October 26th(Thursday)19:30-20:50  Let’s make the World a better place: human rights and the structure of the UN


②November 2nd(Thursday)19:30-20:50 Forced to travel: human trafficking, migration, and human rights
③November 9th(Thursday)19:30-20:50 Protecting our human rights in our own region: the protection of human rights in Asia
④November 16th(Thursday)19:30-20:50 Ending hate speech: how different nationalities can live together
⑤ November 22nd(Wednesday)19:30-20:50 Protecting the rights of socially vulnerable persons: domestic violence and violence against women
⑥November 30th(Thursday)19:30-20:50 Children have rights too: children’s rights


⑦December 7th(Thursday)19:30-20:50 How to make a world where people can say what they want: freedom of expression
⑧December 14th(Thursday)19:30-20:50 What to do about terrorism: terrorism and human rights

Attendance fee

・Fee for each lesson:3,500¥(Students 3,000¥。Please bring your Student ID)*To be paid before each lesson

★People willing to attend several lessons can buy a multi-lesson coupon.

・4 lesson coupon 11,000¥(save 2,000¥)Student: 10,000¥
・8 lesson coupon 23,000¥(save 5,000¥)Student: 20,000¥

* Please purchase your coupon before the beginning of your first lesson
* A 1,500¥ cancellation fee will occur from one week before each lesson.

Language requirement

・English level TOEIC score 600~800

*This TOEIC score is only a rough estimate. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts regarding your English proficiency
* All the lessons will be conducted in English. We advise you to bring a dictionary with you for every lesson.

How to apply

An application form is available in English here (and in Japanese following this link)
You can also send a mail to HRN’s office (info@hrn.or.jp) with ① your name, ② contact information, ③ lessons you want to attend, ④ activity(General or Student) to apply for the course.

Number of participants

30 persons for each lesson


Human Rights Now Office (Kelsey Lechner)
mail : kelsey.lechner@hrn.or.jp       Tel. 03-3835-2110