Human Rights Now submits a Report about Human Rights Issues in Japan to the Human Rights Committee

On July 24th, Human Rights Now submitted a report on human rights issues in Japan to the Human Rights Committee for its upcoming 121st Session. The Human Rights Committee addresses civil and political rights (ICCPR rights) among states.

In the session, the Committee is going to adopt a list of issues prior to reporting (LOIPR) on Japan, so that the Japanese government can refer to it as it prepares its own report on what it is doing to address ICCPR rights issues in Japan, which it will submit in a future session. The LOIPR lets the Japanese government know what ICCPR issues the Committee thinks are important and should be addressed.

As part of the process, the Committee accepts reports from civil society organizations providing relevant information to help them them prepare for their LOIPR, and that is the purpose of our report.

You can download and read our report from here: “Information for LOIPR Report on Japan”