Symposium:4/5 “Comfort women” issues and Japanese media and society  -“Thinking about “comfort women” from the scope of the Asahi Shinbun issue”

Secretary General Ms. ITO will participate  in the event.

Since the release of inspecting article “thinking about comfort women’s issue” last August, critics have developed the several arguments concerning “comfort women”.

Many concern about the report from third party committee and the attitude of Asahi Shinbun. Moreover, the Japanese society’s circumstance concerning issue of comfort women should be extremely concerned.

We believe that this is not only the problem of  Asahi Shinbun, but also entire society and media in Japan. This symposium will involve people from various backgrounds including historian, lawyer and media representative. We look forward to your participation.

0405 comfort women poster
<Information about the Venue>

Date: April 5th (SUN) door opens at 12:45 start13:30 until17:30
Place: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(TUFS) Prometheus hall
Registration fee: 1000yen (Students/ Employees with a contact: 500yen)
(Access change at Chuo line Musashi Sakai sta. → Tama sta. on foot 4min.)

<Symposium outline>

◆ From the historian’s perspective
Matsubara Hiroyuki (An editor of 『「慰安婦」問題を/から考える』, professor of Yokohama National University)
◆From the lawyer’s perspective
Kazuko Ito (Llawyer, Secretary general of Human Rights Now)
◆ From the news people’s perspective
Osamu Aoki (Journalist, author of『抵抗の拠点からー朝日新聞「慰安婦」報道の核心』)
Kaori Hayashi (Researcher, professor of Tokyo University graduate school, Asahi shinbun third party committee member)

※Special remark by Takashi Uemura(former reporter of Asahi Shinbun, the plaintiff of a defamation trial)

○Sponsor/ invited people :Aiko Uchiumi(a professor emerita of Keisen university)・Noriko Omori (lawyer)・Shirou Kawakami (lawyer)・Kim, Puja(a professor of TUFS)・Hiroko Sakamoto(Hitotsubashi University specially-appointed professor)・Hiroshi Tanaka(Hitotsubashi University a professor emeritus)・Toshio Nakano(a professor of TUFS)・Hiroshi Hayashi(a professor of Kanto Gakuin University)

○Coorporation:TUFS research institute for foreign affairs, FFJ(Japansesemilitary”comfort women” problem web site production committee) weekly Kinyoubi

○Support bucking: Historical research association (Rekishi-gaku kenkyukai),  Gender history association (Gender shi gakkai), Historical education association (Rekishi kyouikusya kyougikai), History/Science association (Rekishi kagaku kyougikai)、Tokyo History and Science Research Association (Tokyo Rekishi kagaku kenkyukai), Woman, War and Human Rights Association (Jyosei/Sensou/Jinken gakkai), Association for Comprehensive history of women  (Sogo josei-shi gakkai), Japan Democratic Lawyer’s Association (Nihon Minsyu Houritsuka Kyoukai), Free Legal  Japan Lawyers Association for Freedom (jiyu hoso dan), Japan lawyers International solidarity Association (Nihon Kokusai Houritsuka Kyoukai)

○Supporting organization:VAWW RAC、日本軍「慰安婦」問題解決全国行動 (Japanese Military “comfort women” issue solving action)、中国人「慰安婦」裁判を支援する会(Chinese “Comfort women” Trial Support Association)、日韓会談文書・全面公開を求める会(the group that requires disclosure of all meeting conference note), 「慰安婦」問題解決オール連帯ネットワーク(solidarity network for solving “comfort women” issue ), 戦時性暴力問題連絡協議会 (Liaison council for war time  sexual violence issues) (as of  February 28th )

●Supporting organization/ individual:Single unit donation of 1000yen (multiple unit donation is appreciated)
The names of organization that  support our activity will be placed on the presentation documents at the venue.
Payee: FFJ postal transfer:00160-4-323057
Don’t forget to write down “Symposium support donation” (シンポ賛同金) in the space for correspondence.