Published “4 Yeas after the Great East Japan Earthquake – investigative report of survivors in Ofunato”

It has been 4 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Human Rights Now (HRN)a Tokyo-based NGO, has conducted special project team and carried out a survey targeting Victims in Ofunato, Iwate prefecture in order to investigate aftermath of earthquake.

There are still many survivors forced to live in evacuation shelters and people who live outside of the shelters are facing various difficulties. HRN decided that there needs to be a proposal to national and local governments by gathering local people’s voice and  investigating the survivors’ current situation through this survey.

HRN has received great cooperation from local NGO, Yume-net Ofunato in the process of conducting this survey.

HRN has received the response from 57 households living in Ofunato-city from September 2014 to November.

Human Rights Now analyzed the result and provide recommendation regarding support for marginalized population such as elderly, providing educational opportunities especially for children and addressing housing issues such as evacuation to a higher elevation.

Outcome of survey (Japanese)

Analysis on survey data (Japanese)