Four Years after 3/11, What we could, could not and what we shall do

Human Rights Now Project Outcome Release:
■ ■ Four Years after 3/11, What we could, could not and what we shall do ■ ■

It has been full four years since The Great East Japan Earthquake.Human Rights Now, has engaged in various researches on the areas and provided several legal counselling as part of HRN Projects for the aftermath of the earthquake.

As an occasion of this event, We will REPORT the current situation reveled through survey in Ofunato-City where HRN has continuously supported survisors through legal counsellings. HRN expects to have a VALUABLE DISCUSSION on the current situation of the affected aras and challenges with guest speakers who are exports supported the region for years.

There still are many critical and unrevealed issues such temporary housing in disaster zones, double loans, and public housings for disaster recovery and so on. What are the remaining and ongoing problems?
What can we all do to address those issue? Those are the main questions we would like to address at the event.

This event is intended to make a public aware and draw their attention as we recapture the situation of disaster affected areas through report by specialists. We are looking forward to having many people’s participations.
DATE / TIME : 2015/03/06 18:30 – 20:30 (Door opens at 18:00)
LOCATION: Workers’ Welfare Hall (Shibuya-ku Kinrou-Fukushi-
Kaikan) 1-19-8, Jinnan (zip code: 150-0041)
Paricipation Fees:1,000yen (general)
500yen (students)
About the Speakers

Mr. Fumiyasu Zaima is a lawyer from Hyogo prefecture. He experienced Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake when he was a first-year high school student. He is also the chairman of Iwate Sanriku Himawari foundation LPC. He engages in projects resolving inheritance troubles after the Great East Japan Earthquake, double loans, and other various legal problems.

Mr. Kyoji Iwaki is a former city assembly member from Iwate, who served for eight terms election, 32 consecutive years. He served as the chairperson of Commerce Standing Committee. He was also an executive council, an editorial committee, and a president of the investigation committee for municipal administration. He also serves as a chief director of Yume-net, a certified NPO organization, established in December 2006. He is a vice president of the association for support for civic activity of Ofunato citizen. He is also an executive director of Association for the promotion of settlement in Iwate. He is a vice president of the association for local public transit revitalization along Sanriku Railway line.

Mr. Akira Takigami is a registered lawyer since 2005. He was the first chairman of the Kamaishi Himawari foundation LPC from November 2006 for four years. He returns to Kamaishi-city to work on the disaster recovery after his service in Tokyo public LPC. He opened Iwate-Hamayuri LPC, aiming for restoration from the disaster. After three years of dedication and activities, he went back to the law firm in Tokyo.

Mr. Yukihito Oguchi is a member of the counter disaster headquarter of Japanese law association. He has lived in Iwate prefecture Miyako-city, to work on deportation issues since April 2010 and initiated legal counselling at the shelters in the affected areas. He also made every effort to support survivors, suggested law makings, and became a committee member of restoration planning and condolence fund review for the disaster. He works for the Sakuraoka LPC in Shibuya since October of 2013,


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