Protecting the rights of earthquake disaster victims


The devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011, caused enormous damage and took many lives. Moreover, the nuclear power plant disaster in Fukushima, continues to threaten the health and well being of many people. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with those who are still suffering from the consequences of this tragedy, and those who lost friends and family members.


Immediately after the disaster, Human Rights Now (HRN) launched a project on the human rights situation of earthquake,tsunami and nuclear disaster victims. Our efforts include investigation of the human rights situation of affected people, publishing statements and reports, policy proposals based in international human rights standards, organizing seminars and briefing sessions with United Nations human rights experts. From June 2011, HRN also provided legal aid services in Iwate and Fukushima prefectures. Your kind support is appreciated as we continue our work to ensure that the rights of victims are protected.


For more information on our work regarding the situation after the Fukushima nuclear accident, please refer to the links below.

Human Rights Situation after nuclear disaster Fukushima Japan

Policy Proposal

[Statement] Protection of fundamental human rights of people affected by the recent natural disaster in Japan

[Statement] The protection of and future decisions on the children who have lost their parents in the earthquake

[Statement] Regarding the establishment of evacuation centres with due consideration of the various needs of residents, including those of women

[Statement] Proposal regarding affected people’s right to housing and adequate livelihood support

[Statement] Statement concerning the support of people moved to temporary housings


[Media] Improving the situation of women affected by the recent natural disaster in Japan

[Media] Kazuko Ito, Secretary General of Human Rights Now, appeared in Shinano-Mainichi Newspaper

[Media] Human Rights Situation after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Power Plant Accident in Japan


[Event] Documents on the UN Training Seminars on 22nd and 23nd July are now available online


[Report] Human Rights Now Visits Temporary Housing Area for Earthquake Victims

Communication to the UN human rights mechanism

[Report] Human Rights Violation after Fukushima disaster and Great East Japan Earthquake~ Request of a Country Visit to Japan by UN Special Rapporteurs

[Report] HRN submitted the UPR stakeholder report

[Report] HRN submitted the counter report to the Committee on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in advance to the committee’s review on the report from Japan