HRN releases oral statement on the continuing violations by Myanmar’s junta and military

HRN has released an oral statement on the continued violations committed by Myanmar’s junta since it extended its rule last February and by Myanmar’s military since it escalated its attacks on civilians last April, demonstrating that every day the junta and military remain in power with impunity, Myanmar’s people continue to suffer.

A transcription of the statement is below the video.


Last February, Myanmar’s junta extended its illegal rule for an additional six months. Since then, it has overseen 789 people killed and another 6,053 arrested for political reasons. In March it dissolved dozens of opposition parties, demonstrating it has no interest in reinstating fair democratic elections.

Similarly, in April Myanmar’s military significantly escalated its attacks on symbolic civilian targets, starting with a devastating airstrike on Pazigyi village killing at least 100 people, mostly civilians and including at least 30 children, the most lethal attack since the coup, followed by dozens of civilian attacks since then. Every day the junta and military continue their violations with impunity, Myanmar’s people suffer.

We echo the Special Rapporteur’s statement in Tokyo last April that “The international community’s response to the crisis in Myanmar is failing, and that failure has contributed to a lethal downward spiral that is devastating the lives of millions of people.”

Notably, Japan has continued ODA and strong business ties with the Myanmar military, while not implementing effective economic sanctions. We urge the international community, including the government of Japan, to establish an effective sanctions regime to cut any financial connection with the junta immediately. We also recommend multinational corporations end any direct or indirect business relation with the junta.

Finally, our investigation team found asylum seekers in Thailand facing dire humanitarian conditions. We urge neighboring countries, including Thailand, to protect refugees, ensure the right to education for children, and provide urgent humanitarian assistance.

Thank you.