HRN Releases statement Expressing Solidarity with Afghan Women

HRN has released a statement expressing solidarity with Afghan women. In the statement we urge the new government in Afghanistan to fulfill its pledge to establish an all-inclusive government by taking into account gender and Afghanistan’s multi-ethnic society. We also urge all stakeholders to use only non-violent means to build Afghanistan’s society.

The full statement is available below and can be downloaded here in pdf format: Solidarity_with_Afghan_Women_Statement.pdf

HRN has also co-signed a joint appeal to UN members to support a creating a Human Rights Council investigation mechanism on Afghanistan, which you can find on our website here:

Solidarity with Afghan Women and a Call for the Establishment of an
All-Inclusive Government

Responding to the situation currently developing in Afghanistan, Human Rights Now calls for the human rights of all people in Afghanistan, including women and minorities, to be guaranteed.

Currently, Afghan women are demonstrating to demand that the Taliban respect their rights to education and social advancement. We express our firm solidarity with all Afghan women. Over the last two decades, Afghanistan has seen some improvement in some women’s rights, albeit with regional differences. Even within traditional communities there are areas where elders displayed understanding, and women gained better access to education and experienced other improvements in their lives. The new government which is being established must also respect and promote women’s rights.

The Taliban has announced some cabinet members of its interim government. We call for the establishment of an all-inclusive government, as previously pledged by the Taliban, that takes into consideration gender and Afghanistan’s multi-ethnic social structure.

Finally, we strongly urge all stakeholders in Afghanistan to use only non-violent means to build Afghanistan’s nation and society and not resort to armed struggle or any other type of force. We are convinced that this solution will prevent the rise and influx of extremist organizations such as ISIS as seen in Syria and Iraq.

A great many violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law occurred during the U.S. military operation against Afghanistan following the 9/11 terrorist attacks and during the subsequent conflict in Afghanistan, causing unprecedented loss of life. To date, no-one has been held accountable for these violations. The international community must learn from this experience that it is impossible to build peace or “liberate” people by using armed force.

Every government should widely accept those at risk of persecution under these new circumstances as refugees. We call for continued humanitarian assistance to support the dignified life of Afghan people, including children and women.