2020 Summer English Discussion Course on “Core Human Rights”

Human Rights Now is hosting an eikaiwa discussion course from 11 June 2020 to 3 Sept. 2020 titled “Core Human Rights”. This course will have two sessions for each topic. This allows more time for discussion, more opportunities to dig into interesting issues, and we can go slower for better understanding.

We look forward to your participation!

Date/time and location

Every Thursday, 7:30 – 9 pm, 11 June 2020 through 3 Sept. 2020.

By video conference (Google Meet)

Session contents and schedule

1. June 11 – Business & Human Rights, Part 1
2. June 18 – Business & Human Rights, Part 2
3. June 25 – Environment & Human Rights, Part 1
4. July 2 – Environment & Human Rights, Part 2
5. July 9 – Civil & Political Rights, Part 1
6. July 16 – Civil & Political Rights, Part 2
X. July 23 – No session (Marine Day)
7. July 30 – Human Rights on the Internet, Part 1
8. Aug. 6 – Human Rights on the Internet, Part 2
9. Aug. 13 – Economic & Social Rights, Part 1
10. Aug. 20 – Economic & Social Rights, Part 2
11. Aug. 27 – Right to Health & Disability Rights, Part 1
12. Sept. 3 – Right to Health & Disability Rights, Part 2

Attendance fee

・Fee for each session:¥3,500(Students ¥3,000 Please bring your Student ID)*To be paid before each lesson
★ People wanting to attend several sessions can buy a multi-session ticket for a discount.
・4 session ticket General: ¥11,000 / Student: ¥10,000(save ¥3,000 / ¥2,000)
・8 session ticket General: ¥20,000 / Student: ¥18,000(save ¥8,000 / ¥6,000)
・12 session ticket General: ¥30,000 / Student: ¥27,000(save ¥12,000 / ¥9,000)

* Please purchase your ticket before the the lesson starts.
Payment is currently done by our donation system (instructions below).

How to apply

To register, fill out our online application form.

You can also send a mail to the organiser (cade.mosley@hrn.or.jp) with ① your name, ② contact information, ③ lessons & dates you want to attend, and ④ status (General or Student) to apply for the course.

Payment Instructions:

After signing up on the online application form or sending an email as instructed above, do the following to pay by credit card.

① Go to this URL: https://hrn.secure.force.com/ (in Japanese)

② Fill out the following information. The side left of the colon is written on the form, the right hand side is what you copy and paste for that item. Below each item is the English translation.
(Applicant Classification: “individual” )
(Type of support: “one-off donation” => enter the amount.)
備考:「2020年夏の英会話参加費 ◯回分/チケット◯枚」
(Remarks: “Summer 2020 English Discussion Participation Fee for __ meetings / Ticket for __ meetings”
(Payment method: “Credit card”)

After I confirm payment, then on the date of the eikaiwa, I will send a link to your email before a meeting starts to join the discussion session. Just click the link and you are participating!

If you have questions email cade.mosley@hrn.or.jp.
If you are not paying in yen, then email me and we can discuss the exchange rate.

Language requirement

・English level TOEIC score 600~800
* This TOEIC score is only a rough estimate. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts regarding your English proficiency.
* All the lessons will be conducted in English. We advise you to bring a dictionary with you for every lesson.


Human Rights Now Office (Cade Mosley)
Email : cade.mosley@hrn.or.jp