2019-2020 Winter English Discussion Course on “Digging Deeper into Human Rights!”

Human Rights Now is hosting an eikaiwa discussion course from 28 Nov. 2019 to 27 Feb. 2020 titled “Digging Deeper into Human Rights!” This course will have two sessions for each topic. This allows more time for discussion, more opportunities to dig into interesting issues, and we can go slower for better understanding.

We look forward to your participation!

■ 2019-2020 Winter English Discussion on “Digging Deeper into Human Rights!” ■

The purpose of this course is to practice your English skills and to learn about and discuss modern topics in human rights through English materials. This course is aimed at people wanting to learn how to express their opinions in English, as well as people interested in the latest issues happening in the human rights world. It is also for anyone wanting to improve their English skills generally.

The facilitator, Christopher Cade Mosley (going by Cade), is a staff member of HRN and a New York State Attorney. He previously worked in the field of environmental law and international human rights law, and he has taught international human rights to Myanmar law students.

Everyone, from students to workers with a basic understanding of English is welcome.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Date/time and location

Every Thursday, 7:30 – 9 pm, 28 Nov. 2019 through 27 Feb. 2020.

Human Rights Now Office
4F Suzuki Bldg., 335 Yamabukicho
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0801 JAPAN


Session contents and schedule

1. Nov. 28 – Introduction to Human Rights, Part 1
2. Dec. 5 – Introduction to Human Rights, Part 2
3. Dec. 12 – SDGs and Human Rights, Part 1
4. Dec. 19 – SDGs and Human Rights, Part 2
    (Dec. 26 & Jan. 2 – No sessions)
5. Jan. 9 – Freedom of Expression, Part 1
6. Jan. 16 – Freedom of Expression, Part 2
7. Jan. 23 – Women’s Rights, Part 1
8. Jan. 30 – Women’s Rights, Part 2
9. Feb. 6 – Human Trafficking, Part 1
10. Feb. 13 – Human Trafficking, Part 2
11. Feb. 20 –Right to Life, Part 1
12. Feb. 27 – Right to Life, Part 2

Attendance fee

・Fee for each session:¥3,500(Students ¥3,000 Please bring your Student ID)*To be paid before each lesson
★ People wanting to attend several sessions can buy a multi-session ticket.
・4 session ticket (2 topics) ¥11,000 / Student: ¥10,000(save ¥3,000 / ¥2,000)
・8 session ticket (4 topics) ¥20,000 / Student: ¥18,000(save ¥8,000 / ¥6,000)
・12 session ticket (6 topics) ¥30,000 / Student: ¥27,000(save ¥12,000 / ¥9,000)

* Please purchase your ticket before the beginning of your first lesson using the ticket.
* A ¥1,500 cancellation fee will occur from one week before each session, but you will also receive the class materials for this fee. You can also just purchase the class materials for this fee if you cannot attend the session. Let us know by email.

Language requirement
・English level TOEIC score 600~800
* This TOEIC score is only a rough estimate. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts regarding your English proficiency.

* All the lessons will be conducted in English. We advise you to bring a dictionary with you for every lesson.

How to apply
To register, fill out our online application form.

You can also send a mail to the organiser (cade.mosley@hrn.or.jp) with ① your name, ② contact information, ③ lessons & dates you want to attend, and ④ status (General or Student) to apply for the course.


Human Rights Now Office (Cade Mosley)
Email : cade.mosley@hrn.or.jp Tel. +81-3-6228-1528