38th HRC Session: Oral Statement on the Human Rights Situation in Myanmar

On 27th June 2018, Human Rights Now gave an oral statement on the Human Rights Situation in Myanmar at the 38th Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The video and transcript of the statement are available below.

The full text of the statement can be downloaded here.

Thank you, Mr. Vice-President.

Human Rights Now expresses grave concern about the human rights situation of Rohingya people, over an estimated 900,000 of which live in sub-standard camps in Bangladesh. Rohingya civilians have been subjected to widespread reported atrocities by the Myanmar military, including torture, systematic rape, arbitrary imprisonment, violence, and killings.

We also express grave concern about escalating violence and violations in Kachin state. An estimated 6,800 people have been internally displaced by conflict there since April 2018, adding to the 130,000 previously displaced. There have been reports of military aerial bombings and heavy artillery fire against civilian areas, as well as military blockades on relief supplies to affected villages. On April 23, the military prevented a Red Cross food convoy from entering Man Wai village where civilians were trapped for three weeks.

Protesters against the conflict in Myitkyina and Mandalay have also been arrested and charged for defamation and under the Peaceful Assembly and Procession Law.


Mr. Vice-President,

We urge Myanmar authorities to immediately cease and refrain from military operations against civilians and human rights violations in Kachin state, to respect the principles of distinction and proportionality, and to ensure humanitarian access to affected areas. We also request the Council and relevant states to adopt emergency measures to ensure the safety of Kachin people.

Thank you.