Media reports on UNIQLO’s disclosures of suppliers following HRN’s recommendation

A factory in Bangladesh making clothes for UNIQLO (credit: Nikkei Asian Review)

Nikkei Asian Review reported that Fast Retailing has publicly shared the names of nearly 150 suppliers in charge of its UNIQLO clothing brand following international pressure towards human rights issues in factories. Human Rights Now (HRN) and Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) made that specific call in their joint report on the working conditions in UNIQLO’s suppliers.

The article quotes Kazuko Ito who pointed out that Fast Retailing had been slow in disclosing its suppliers’ information compared to other global clothing brands. HRN is encouraged to see Fast Retailing making progress towards greater transparency regarding its suppliers and hopes it continues its disclosures. This is a necessary step in order to assure proper monitoring of working conditions by third parties.

Nikkei Asian Review [17/03/01]: Uniqlo operator publicizes nearly 150 suppliers