Statement regarding the Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2017 devoted to endangered lawyers in China

Every year since 2010, we observe 24 January as the Day of the Endangered Lawyers.

In 2017, the day is dedicated to our brothers and sisters in China, all those who have been harassed, silenced, pressured, threatened, detained, tortured and even disappeared because they defend human rights, especially for the disadvantaged, while performing their professional roles and duties as lawyers.

Human Rights Now together with the Foundation Day of the Endangered Lawyer, based in Haarlem, the Netherlands, signed an open letter to H.E. Mr. Cheng Yonghua, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Japan, to urge international communities to continue with their concerns and pressure for China to reform and we reiterate our pledges to stand in solidarity with the lawyers as well as the legal practitioners in China in their struggles for better rights protection and legal environment.

Day of the Endangered Lawye 2017 in English