Seminars:“Learn English by Learning International Human Rights Issues!”

“Learn English by Learning International Human Rights Issues!”

Human Rights Now is organizing a weekly course starting in June to learn English by learning about human rights. We look forward to your participation!

The goal of the program is not only to develop English ability, but also to learn about international human rights issues in English. Participants can learn and practice their English by learning about international human rights issues, such as the kinds of violations happening around the world and how we can find solutions. Classes will be held in English by a native speaker.

The lecturer is C. Cade Mosley, a lawyer in the New York jurisdiction and a specialist on environment and human rights. He previously taught human rights in Myanmar (Burma) for HRN.

Anyone with basic English skills can join. The English is designed to be very simple for non-English speakers to participate.


[Date and Location]

Location: Human Rights Now’s head office, on the 8th Floor Conference Room.
Address: 110-0005 Taito-ku, Tokyo, Ueno 5-3-4 creative One Akihabara building 8F

[Class Topics and Schedule]

<June Sessions>

  1. June 1 (Wed) 19:30-20:50
    Topic: Introduction to the UN Human Rights Framework: From the UN Charter to Treaty-based Organizations
  2. June 8 (Wed) 19:30-20:50
    Topic: General Introduction to International Human Rights
  3. June 15 (Wed) 19:30-20:50
    Topic: Business and Human Rights: Ensuring Safe and Sustainable Supply Chains
  4. June 22 (Wed) 19:30-20:50
    Topic: Women’s Rights: Empowering Women

<July Sessions>

  1. July 6 (Wed) 19:30-20:50
    Topic: Armed conflict and Human Rights
  2. July 13 (Wed) 19:30-20:50
    Topic: Protecting Refugees and IDPs: Beyond the Refugee Convention
  3. July 20 (Wed) 19:30-20:50
    Topic: The Rights of Women and Children: Child Labor and Human Trafficking
  4. July 27 (Wed) 19:30-20:50
    Topic: The Human Rights Situation in Japan by International Human Rights Standards

[Entry Fee]

The fee for each session is 3,500 yen (payable on the day of the session).

★ If you would like to participate in multiple sessions, you can buy multiple tickets in advance for a discount. You can choose any of your preferred sessions to count towards the discount.

・Four Sessions: 11,000 yen (you save 3,000 yen)
・Eight Sessions: 23,000 yen (you save 5,000 yen)

※ If you are interested in buying tickets for multiple sessions, please purchase them in advance of attending the first of the set.
※ In the case of cancellation within 1 week of a class, a cancellation fee will apply. (not applicable to multiple ticket users)
[Target English Ability]
The target English Level is a TOEIC score in English between 600 to 800

※ This is only a rough guideline. If you feel uneasy, please feel free to contact us.
※ Because sessions are all done in English, we recommend that you bring anything necessary or convenient to help you follow along, such as a dictionary.

The teacher is Christopher Cade Mosley. Here is a message from Cade.

Hello, my name is Christopher Cade Mosley, but please call me Cade. I’m an American lawyer. I studied international law in New York, and I’ve practiced both international environmental law and international human rights law. My recent work has included teaching human rights law in English to Burmese law students and lawyers .. So I have some good experience that I hope will be good for you too. Let’s learn human rights law in English together! =)


[How to apply]
If you would like to attend, please sign up with this online form:
Since the number of seats is limited, we’ll contact you after receiving the form to confirm your reservation.

※ if you have any problems with the above online form, then please email the HRN Office at and provide ① your name, ② contact information, and ③ which class you want to attend, and we will contact you.
Please apply as soon as possible because sessions will closed to as soon as they reach capacity ※.

[Project Sponsor]
Human Rights Now

Human Rights Now Secretariat (Person in charge: Ms. Sekine)
Phone: 03-3835-2110