Lecture: Presentation from HRN False Accusation in China – Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Introduction of HU GE JI LE TU Case and Its Future Vision –

Lecture Presentation from HRN
False Accusation in China~ Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Introduction of HU GE JI LE TU Case and Its Future Vision~

Speaker: Lawyer ZHENYU WANG from Impact Law Firm in Beijing
Commentator: Akira Izumizawa, Lawyer
Kazuko Ito Lawyer, Secretary General at Human Rights Now

Date: April 22nd (Wed) 2015, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Place: Tokyo University 2nd building classroom 308
(Access Map: http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/campusmap/map02_02_j.html)
Language: Mandarin/Japanese (translation will be provided)

Introduction of Speakers
ZHEN U WANG, a lawyer who is a representative of Impact Law Firm. The firm actively has brought actions which had social impact to the court. They were in charge of the cases such as “Employment Discrimination against Hepatitis B Patient Case”, “Lead Pollution Case at Gansu Sheng”, “Cui Yingjie Case” (which is the case about a man from rural part of China murdered a control clerk) and “Qualification of Taking University Entrance Exam of A Person Who Has A Qualified Interim Resident Card lived in Beijing”. On the other hand, the firm engaged actively in training lawyers and recommending people to demand disclosure of official information regarding an environmental issue and a political change.

Outline of Baseline Report
HU GE JI LE TU who was the first person to witness a girl who found dead in Huhhot City,k was accused of homicide and forced confession at Huhhot City Public Safety Office Station’s Xing Cheng Substation in Inner Mongolia autonomous region at April 9th, 1996. At that time, Chinese government promoted a Yang Da policy, aiming to control criminal offence early and strictly, which led Public Safety officers identified a criminal offence without verifying an evidence adequately. Especially for this case, the death penalty was carried out just 62 days after the recognition. The retrial of this case started at November 2014, and won a verdict of not guilty as of December 15th 2014. Lawyer ZHENYU WANG played an important role as a defendant’s representative through the whole process.
We will have Q&A and talk session after the presentation of the report.

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