Emergency Session on aftermath of Kenji Goto’s kidnapping in Syria: What can we contribute for peace in Middle East

Human Rights Now would like to invite you to an emergency session on the kidnapping and execution of Kenji Goto, a Japanese journalist.

The Japanese hostage incident ended on a dreadful note with a precious life taken away so violently. We were on a tense and nervous environment for days prior to receiving from ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) a statement and video of the captured journalist Kenji Goto. After such bitter conclusion, it is now in question whether we comprehend anything about the current situation in Syria.

We have organized an emergency session with NGOs and journalists who have worked on issues in Middle East. We are hoping to bring together an opportunity to understand together, as a country, on what we can do, should do and in which direction we should move for bringing peace in Middle East.

Date: 2015, February 6th. (Friday) 18:00pm~20.45pm (Open at 18:00)
Place: Toshima-Kumin-Center (Koa. Ikebukuro)
East stage Ikebukuro (Culture Hall)
(Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Higashi, Ikebukuro, 1-20-10)

Participation Price: 1000yen
JR Chikatestu-Kakguyou , Ikebukuro Station (East Exist) 5mins walking distance.

1.East Exist from the Ikebukuro station and walk to the left, cross the street in front of the “Big camera” store.
2.Turn right from the side walk, walk through a thin street on left side of the Yamada store.
3.Cross the traffic light, turn right from a small street on the left side. You should see the Naka-Ikebukuro Park and “Toshimaku-Shimin center (Culture center)” across the park.
4.Enter the building and get on the elevator on the right hand side and go up to the 6th floor.

Mr. Maki Satō
General Secretary of Japan Iraq Medical Network (JIM-NET)
Author of : 『戦火の爪あとに生きる』童話館出版、「ハウラの赤い花』 新日本出版
Website: http://jim-net.org/

Mr.Junpei Yasuda
Freelance journalist.
Author of: 『囚われのイラク:混迷の「戦後復興」』 現代人文社、
『誰が私を「人質」にしたのか―イラク戦争の現場とメディアの虚構』 PHP研究所、
『ルポ 戦場出稼ぎ労働者』 集英社新書etc.
Website: https://twitter.com/YASUDAjumpei http://jumpei.net/

Mr. Takeharu Watai
Journalist and Movie Director(Asia Press International).
Documentary Movie: “Peace on the Tigris- The Iraq War and 10 Years of Life in Baghdad”(2014)、 “Little Birds”(2005)。
Website: http://www1.odn.ne.jp/watai/

Ms. Naomi Toyoda
Journalist and Member of Japan Visual Journalist Association (JVJA).
He has been reporting on war in Iraq and Palestine.
Author of: 『イラク戦争下の子供たち』(第三書館 2004/11)『世界の戦場から イラク 爆撃と占領の日々』(岩波書店 2003/10月)etc.
Website: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/n/toyoda/

Mr. Rei Shiba
Journalist and Secretary General of “Network for verification of Iraq War”(「イラク戦争の検証を求めるネットワーク」).
Co-author of 『イラク戦争を検証するための20の論点』合同出版、『ガザ通信』青土社、『「イラク戦争」検証と展望』岩波書店etc.
Website: http://reishiva.jp/

Ms. Kazuko Itou
Lawyer and General Secretary of Human Rights Now (NPO)
Author of 「人権は国境を越えて」岩波書店、「イラク人質事件と自己責任論」大月書店etc.
Website: http://hrn.or.jp/

Human Rights Now (HRN)
Japan Iraq Medical Network (JIM-NET)
Japan Visual Journalist Association (JVJA).
Network for Iraq War Validation (イラク戦争の検証を求めるネットワーク)