For Geneva II Conference on Syria

For Geneva II Conference on Syria (PDF)

Human Rights Now (HRN), an international human rights organisation based on Tokyo, expects that the Geneva II Conference on Syria starting from 22nd January will lead to a peaceful resolution of the Syrian crisis which has been repeating serious human rights violations and caused an enormous number of human victims.
At the Conference, HRN calls for following agreements to the participants and parties to a dispute in order to accomplish peace:

1. To make a significant effort to reach agreements between the parties to a dispute for a cease-fire and establish an internationally workable and effective mechanism of monitoring the cease-fire
2. To halt any military aids to the Syrian government and anti-government forces to prevent further expansion of the armed conflict
3. To secure the access to humanitarian aids for people in Syria and protect refugees and IDPs. To secure the presence of international organisations for achieving this
4. To stop immediately the acts of war crimes such as the use of inhumane weapons, executions of detainees, attacks on civilians as well as public facilities
5. To make all the investigating missions regarding human rights by the United Nations, such as Commission of inquiry, accessible
6. To ensure an inclusive peace process where civil society organizations can participate as well as to secure women’s participation based on international agreements such as the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325.
7. To demonstrate and implement a strong financial commitment of international community to respond gravity of ongoing humanitarian crisis of Syrian refugees and IDPs.