International Tribunal on Crimes against Women in Burma

Date: Sunday 27th June, 1-5 pm
Place: Aoyama Gakuin University, Court Room at 6th Building
The millitary junta continues to hold power in Burma (Myanmar). Women living in Burma are exposed to violence that threatens their lives and freedom.
The military regime has repeatedly perpetrated acts of sexual violence on minority women, and has destroyed over 3,300 villages in ethnic minority areas. Many people have been murdered and tortured, and women and girls have been required to perform forced labour.
Further, the leader of the Democratic movement, Aung Sun Suu Kyi continues to be held under house arrest and over 2,100 political prisoners languish in prisons, deprived of their freedom.
The military regime, despite repeated criticism by the UN, has not put an end to violations of human rights and has not been called to account for perpetrating these human rights violations.
On 2 February 2010 in New York, the International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women in Burma was held on the initiative of the Burmese Women’s League, together with female recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. The Tribunal found that the military regime of Burma committed crimes against humanity.
On 27 June 2010, we will hold another International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women in Burma. It will be the first such Tribunal in Asia. On this occasion, Burmese women who have been suppressed at the hands of the military regime will come to Japan and give evidence of their experiences.

Adjudicated by

Mr. Kunio Hamada  Lawyer, former Supreme
Court Justice member

Mr. Hideaki KuboriLawyer,
former Vice president of JFBA (Japan Federation of Bar Association)

Ms. Hiroko Goto Professor
of Law (Chiba University), Member of Governmental  Research Committee on violence Against Women

Mr. Osamu NiikuraProfessor
of Law (Aoyama Gakuin University, IADL (International Association of
Democratic  Lawyers )

Ms. Miho Shikida Former
Secretary General of jury for citizen


Ms. Kazuko Ito(Lawyer, Secretary General of Human Rights) Now


This event, hosted by the Women’s
League of Burma
and  the
Human Rights Now will seek to put on
trial the crimes against women in Burma.

Tribunal is a women
centered justice and advocacy

Judges will hear the
testimony from several women of Burma who will share their personal stories of
surviving human rights violations and crimes under military rules in Burma.
Their voices and the findings and recommendations of the judges will be
directed to the Burmese regime and the international community.  The tribunal will provide a powerful
spot light on the oppression on women of Burma in order to support the
development of a just and peaceful Burma.




women's league of burma 2.jpg

Since 1999,Women league of Burma, an
umbrella organization comprising thirteen women’s organizations of twelve
different ethnic background from Burma has worked for the advancement of the
status of women towards a peaceful and just society.