Take action to end exploitative labour of women and girls

Sadly, in many Asian countries, women and young girls often find themselves being exploited and forced to work in terrible and dangerous working environments.

The collapse of the Rana Plaza complex in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in April 2013 caused 1130 deaths. Many workers in the building at the time suffered severe injuries, including spinal injuries; others have even received amputations as a result. However, sufficient compensation has not yet been paid to victims or their families, despite the loss of loved ones’ lives, health, and income.

This incident unveiled a hidden reality of women and girls being exploited as factory workers in dangerous conditions without any protection of their human rights. It is also clear that many of the world’s large companies, including apparel companies, are involved in such exploitative labor.

Human Rights Now has started a new project cooperating with local NGOs to investigate exploitative and dangerous working environments in Asia, especially in factories or workplaces in which Japanese companies or brands are involved, and to take action to call for the improvement of working environments.

We welcome and appreciate contact and information from NGOs investigating human rights violations in the private sector, local NGOs, labor unions, or women’s organizations.

We invite you to help us further understand the reality on the ground.


Interested parties can forward information to HRN at women@hrn.or.jp


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